This is Bee.382476_4735i91929391739_910702674_n…who is very bad at writing ‘about’ sections.

She does, however, love to bake.
And will now stop referring to herself in the third-person.

My kitchen madness shall be documented here. To be considerate to those of you who don’t use the metric system, ingredient measurements will include millilitres and grams. Baking is chemistry, after all. I know I’ve had a few disasters using a 250ml cup on American recipes by accident. I’ll even throw in the nutritional information as well, for those of you who like to keep track of such things. I can’t guarantee your results will be exactly the same, but it should give a general idea of what the number-crunching will reveal.

There’s really not much else I can think that needs to be added now. Thank you for stopping by, and if you do try any of the recipes posted I’d love to know how they went. They probably won’t be exclusively baking, but somehow I suspect my sweet tooth will have a strong influence on what makes its way here.

– Bee.



  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by our blog. We greatly appreciate it!

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